Spirit Wear and Scrip

Spirit Wear

Show your school pride by purchasing Spirit Wear! PTL organizes two ordering events during the school year (once in the fall and again in the spring). The best part is you can shop online. In addition to our popular items, we like to add and rotate our selection of clothing items to provide new options each year as well. You can find something for everyone as sizes run from Youth S to Adult XXXL.


Purchase gift cards for stores, gas stations, and restaurants you frequent and earn money for your child’s tuition at Trinity or local high schools. Alternatively, you also provide support for the church. The savings add up quickly!

Submit an online order at shopwithscrip.com.  A printed order form can also be submitted prior to the start of school on Monday; gift cards are available at the end of the week. CLICK HERE for an order form or grab a copy from the bulletin board just outside the school office. The submission box is located on top of the brown cabinet just inside the main school doors (across from the 3K/4K classroom).

Your scrip savings are used as a reduction on tuition the following year. Each vendor sells the gift cards at a discount, the discount is dispersed as follows (depending upon how elect to use your savings):

90% Trinity tuition / 10% Trinity Lutheran

90% High School tuition / 10% Trinity Lutheran