Mission and Vision


Our Mission:

A Passion for Learning. A Heart for Christ. 


A Passion for Learning. 
These formative years in a child’s life are key to building not just the ability to do math or spell correctly, but to enjoy the process. Moreover, schools are rarely rated by how many ‘A’ grades are handed out, but rather their ability to move students, improving their skills. Trinity will be purposeful about building out our school culture in such a way that builds excitement for learning, getting our kids involved in the process, and celebrating our successes together – no matter what level each child is at.
A Heart for Christ. 
Trinity isn’t just preparing your child for high school, we are preparing them for eternity. Every decision we make as a school must point back to the spiritual formation of our students and alignment with our faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ. Our teachers will work tirelessly to share the Gospel with your child and through the Holy Spirit, work to build their faith. Thus, Trinity seeks to empower each child with a living faith.

Our Vision:


Core Values:

1. Skin in the game.

2. Doers of the word.

3. Heart for the lost.