The Story








The Story is a version of the Bible that reads as a narrative novel.  Divided into 31 chapters, The Story demonstrates that God’s Word is not an assortment of separate stories, but a single message that communicates God’s plan of salvation in Christ Jesus.

The Story is not only the basis for our small groups this year, but also serves as the focus of our weekly Trinity Time Together (T3), and the subject of our pastors’ sermons.

Unlike small group emphases at Trinity over the past several years which lasted between 6-8 weeks, The Story sends us on a journey that takes us through May— a total of 31 weeks in all!

You are invited to closely examine the choices you have to immerse yourself in a study of this book—either in one of our several ongoing small groups, or by following Vicar Adam Kosberg’s blog, or, as a family, by engaging in a personal study on your own home and at your own time.  Some small groups are meeting weekly, while others meet every other week or monthly.

We are confident that this journey has the potential to grow your faith and your understanding of God’s Word like it has never grown before.  Plus, you have the opportunity to live out what we publicly proclaim in each worship service—that we Grow in His Word—TOGETHER!

Click HERE for a chart of Trinity's Small Groups and church-based Bible Studies.