T3 (Trinity Time Together)


T3 - Trinity Time Together

What is T3

T3 is Trinity Time Together. It's a time for all of Trinity’s members and friends to grow in God’s Word together, including young and old, men and women from every age and stage of life.  It’s also a time for real Christian fellowship, where we can celebrate our one-ness as brothers and sisters in Christ.  There’s music, games, skits, and plenty of great conversation across the generations.

How does T3 work? 

Every Sunday from 9:15 to 10:25 a.m., adults, teens, and children all gather together in the gymnasium.  Each week this winter, will be focusing on a different parable of Jesus.  Some of our time will be spent divided into age groups so that we can receive age appropriate teaching, but much of our time will be spent together in conversation about the Word of God we have studied. T3 is a time for us to learn God’s Word and also to share it with one another as we share life experiences where we have seen God at work in our lives. 

And it can’t truly be Trinity Time Together if you’re not here!

T3 is currently using The Story - a 31 week journey through the Bible.  This study is for adults, children, whole families, singles, empty-nesters, anyone who wants to wants to re-acquaint themselves with God and meet Him in His Word.