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Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Freistadt! 

We are glad you are here!  Our church, our school, our childcare, and all the missions of Trinity exist to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.  Here you will glimpse some of the ministries and missions that Trinity has embraced, but our prayer is that you will come to know Trinity not as ministries and missions, but as people.  We are ordinary people united by the blood of Christ, transformed by the love of Christ, and directed by the words of Christ.  We trust that by getting to know us, you will come to better know the Savior we worship, Jesus Christ. 

Let me invite you to join us on a brief video tour, today, and we look forward to getting to know you in person soon.

May God bless you!
Pastor Carl


This Week's Worship Schedule



SUNDAY, january 22ND

NO T3 (Trinity Time Together) - Returns on Sunday, January 29th

10:00 A.M. - "TOGETHER" WORSHIP SERVICE (In the Gymnasium, Grades 1-8 Sing)

News & Events

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Recent Sermons

"Fascinating Forgiveness"

Rev. Josh Rusert, Associate Pastor Trinity Freistadt Lutheran Church - Mequon, WI January 14, 2017

Starting at the End (Session 2)

Brad Alles, Concordia University Asst. Professor of Education Epiphany Lecture Series at Trinity Freistadt Lutheran Church - Mequon, WI Session 2: Marxism: Global Communism; Secular Humanism: Global Government

"Battling Temptation"

Rev. Carl Lehenbauer, Senior Pastor Trinity Freistadt Lutheran Church - Mequon, WI January 7, 2017

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