Sick Child Policy



Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Center of Freistadt is a "well-child care facility.” Children that have a contagious illness expose other children and staff to the spread of the illness and require additional care and attention that Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Center of Freistadt is unable to provide without compromising the health and safety of other children and staff.

Staff will be attentive to symptoms of illness throughout the day.  If a child’s condition is suspected to be contagious or the child is not feeling well, the child will be made comfortable in a location away from other children but where he or she can be supervised by a familiar caregiver. The parent or legal guardian will be notified immediately to pick up their child within an hour. If we are unable to contact the parent (at all phone numbers listed on the emergency contact form) then an emergency contact will be notified.

We require that children be cared for at home if they exhibit behavior not normal to their personality, are miserable or if they require more attention than we can safely provide. Children are to be kept home if they have symptoms of illness such as (but not limited to) sore throat, inflammation of the eyes, lice, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, other contagious illnesses, are unable to participate in the normal activities of the center, OR if they have a fever of 100.4°F or higher.

See Appendix K: Communicable Diseases Requiring Removal of Child from TLECC.

There may be times when your child will be exposed to a communicable disease. A Health Alert will be posted if there is such a case. You MUST notify the center immediately if your child has been diagnosed with a communicable disease from their doctor.

Confidentiality will be maintained. 


From the Wisconsin Childhood Communicable Diseases Chart:

Three Key Criteria for Exclusion: Caregiver/teacher should determine if the illness 1) prevents child from participating comfortably in activities, 2) results in need for care that is greater than staff can provide without compromising health and safety of other children, or 3) poses risk of spread. If any of these criteria are met, child should be excluded regardless of type of illness.



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