Community Warehouse/Milwaukee Working


Community Warehouse/Milwaukee Working

Milwaukee Working/Community Warehouse

Free At Last is a ministry of the South Wisconsin District led by Rev. Afam Ikanih, Rev. Elijah Ndon, and layman Patrick Batom.  Through their efforts, the Gospel of Jesus is setting men free from the prison of sin. Through Bible studies, worship, and one-on-one counseling at the Milwaukee County House of Correction in Franklin, Pastor Ikanih reminds the incarcerated that there is hope and forgiveness—and freedom!—through faith in the crucified and risen Christ. 

Last year, Trinity began helping this ministry through an organization called Milwaukee Working (and Community Warehouse).  Community Warehouse is a faith-based organization providing people in the Milwaukee community with affordable home and facility improvement materials.  And Community Warehouse partners with Free At Last in employing former inmates from the House of Correction.  But they’re doing much more than just giving them jobs.  They are mentoring them in relationship skills, training them with job skills, and most importantly, discipling them in Christ.  

Check out a brief video that explains more about Milwaukee Working's purpose.

And this video explains the work that Community Warehouse is doing.

Milwaukee Working depends upon the donations of used books, CD’s, DVD’s, video games, board games, and jigsaw puzzles.  They take these donations and list them for resale on Amazon.  Each month, they make as much as $10,000 from these sales, which they use to maintain employment and job training.  Trinity members Josh Hunholz and Rick Adams had the opportunity to visit Milwaukee Working and received a great tour from its Operations and Marketing Director, Steve Lied.  As a result, we had a bin brought to Trinity to begin the collection process.  And Trinity responded!  We collected hundreds of donated items.  Three times a representative from Milwaukee Working came to Trinity to empty an overflowing bin. Well…


As the warmer weather approaches, many of us find ourselves cleaning out closets, store rooms, and basements.  It’s called SPRING CLEANING!  If you find any unwanted items from the list above, please consider bringing them to Trinity and donating them to the bin.  It’s located in the lower level of Trinity’s Gathering Room entrance.  You can drop off your donations any time, but we ask that you limit what you donate to these requested items, and not anything else you’d like to get rid of.  Used textbooks are especially needed. 

Trinity will have the bin for the next three months.  Let’s see how many times we can fill it!